Introducing the DUSTIN SWITCHBARREL RIFLE (U.S. Patent # 5,987,797):

  • Extensively field-tested under the most rigorous conditions.
  • Victorious in international long range field competition.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of production actions-no proprietary action needed.
  • Uses barrels from your choice of manufacturer- not limited to factory barrels.
  • Use a broad range of barrel contours on the same rifle and with the same scope.
  • Uses rugged, reliable turnbolt actions- no "space age" wizardry.
  • Free -floating barrels... no fore-end hardware to compromise accuracy.
  • Maintains the aesthetic profile of finely-crafted custom rifles.
  • Switches barrels under field conditions in less than 3 minutes.
  • Barrel switching requires a minimum amount of lightweight equipment
  • Numerous tests show a high degree of repeatable accuracy.
  • Easily transport 2 rifles, extra barrels and gear in a standard large suitcase.
  • Uses strong 1-piece stocks... no joint to create bending stresses.

Complete custom-built rifles available starting at less than $2,000, including two barrels (one factory, one custom match-grade), with action blueprinted for trueness, match trigger job, target-grade chambering, lapped locking surfaces and barrels, with many other options available to suit your specific requirements. Attractively-priced optics packages are available and encouraged.